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Building on an award-winning career as a financial services leader, Dana is taking that experience and her passion for encouraging others as she leads engaging keynotes and workshops on being the leader you were meant to be. Through storytelling, humor, and real-life scenarios, Dana will inspire leaders to find joy in building a team and seeing that team thrive. By the end of your time with Dana, you will feel invigorated as a leader and see the value you bring to your team and company.

Dana's Most Popular Talks 

Dana's Talks

Has your leadership journey stalled?  Do you need a reset and some...

business woman climbing corporate ladder
From The Front Lines To The C-Suite

 “Front the Front lines to the C-Suite,” Dana will share the ups and...

new business leader
Becoming The Leader You Were Meant To Be

Being a leader of people is a special quest. The quest takes skills, and...

Dana's Testimonials 


“I had the privilege of getting to collaborate with Dana while developing a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program for the company where I worked. From the first time we met, I knew she was going to be fantastic to work with. She’s one of the ones who just “gets it!” Dana is reliable and kind. She brings an incredible depth of experience to her work, and I feel grateful that I was able to learn so much from her.” 

Christine D.

Communications Leader

“Dana has a passion for people and strives to ensure they understand the concepts she teaches and how to integrate them into their daily work. She is an expert on leadership and her strength is her ability to understand a business and adjust to provide the best experiences for the audience.”

ElMond T.

HR Business Partner

“Dana Dillard is a masterful, engaging, and energetic speaker! Her interactive style and quick wit are a powerful combination as well as her ability to present on a wide-range of DEI topics.”

Charmaine B., Financial Services Executive

"Dana is very knowledgeable of the challenges faced by individuals and companies as they adopt new DEI policies. I found her to be a very engaging speaker and a great coach. She made me feel listened to while challenging me. " 

Aaron G.


About Dana

About Dana


Starting her career as a call center agent and working her way to the C-Suite, Dana Dillard is an award-winning leader in financial services.  She is known for her collaborative style and humorous personality, and she has a heart for the customers she has served for over 30 years.  Whether leading call center operations, handling the customer complaints area, or being the star witness for the company in litigation, Dana has experienced a robust career focused on collaboration and building people up.  It was Dana’s curiosity about how teams perform that led her to pursue a master’s degree in Inclusive Leadership and this combination of experience and education culminated in her debut book, Jackfruit Leadership.  When she’s not working on her next book, you can find Dana doing keynote speeches and workshops where she helps managers evolve into the type of leaders they were meant to be.  Dana lives in Colleyville, Texas with her husband of 29 years, Todd, her two kids Brandon and Loretta, plus the family dogs Karma and Skillet.  


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