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Has your leadership journey stalled?  Do you need a reset and some encouragement?  Or are you just starting your leadership journey and are developing your approach and philosophy? 

Leaders at any stage of their journey can reclaim the joy that comes from leading a successful team by attending this session on the fundamentals of leadership joy. Based on the strategies from her book “Jackfruit Leadership” Dana will inspire the audience with stories from her career and research to back her recommendations.  Audience members will:

  • Learn the two key ingredients each member of your team craves from you.

  • Hear a fresh perspective on the lens that will guide you through leadership dilemmas.

  • Discover a go-to checklist of questions to ask yourself when leading is challenging.

  • And more.

The session will make you laugh, make you emotional, and leave you equipped to face leadership with a newfound joy and enthusiasm.  The changes that can be made are immediate – your team will see a renewed leader who can make a difference for each of them and for the company.

Contact Dana to book this talk.

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